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Keyword analysis and selection

Keyword analysis should begin with the target market in mind. Our target market and lead generation focus is on high growth, mid-market and larger clients (decentralized, global); not small business. Acquired leads where the prospect is near the end of the sales cycle are preferred over leads just beginning the software selection exploration process (e.g. focusing on end of sales cycle keywords such as negotiation, implementation and training may have advantage over keywords such as compare and evaluate).  I would like you to perform your own keyword analysis with the goal of finding some low hanging fruit (e.g. high KEI or keywords which have frequency however are off the beaten SEO path.

Keyword guidelines

  • Phrases appear advantages over single words (achieves greater specificity) – SaaS CRM better than CRM.
  • A longer search phrase is typically associated with better targeting and increased conversions. Some SEOers say shorter keyword searchers are shoppers and longer keyword searchers are buyers.

WordTracker and Overture also have limitations. WordTracker analyzes the queries made by users at the two major meta search engines, dogpile and MetaCrawler. WordTracker normally separates terms and phrases by capitalization, plurality and word ordering. Overture, however, does not. For example, WordTracker might show different numbers for the phrases "home loans," "Home Loans," "home loan" and "homes Loan," but Overture would see no difference between all these phrases and lump them all together. 

Plurals do sometimes deliver different results in the search engines. Changes in word ordering also deliver different results. But capitalization, or its lack, is much less important; most search engines don't take notice of capitalization. Overture has also been known to lump in misspellings. If that seems peculiar, remember that Overture is a paid search engine. An advertiser bidding on a term will show up not only on the term itself, but its misspellings.

WordTracker can be tricked in highly competitive keyword markets. For example, if the phrase “online saas software” is found to convert very well, a spammer could go to Dogpile or WebCrawler and search for an alternate version such as “saas software” in order to make unimportant terms look important and hide the best terms. Automated bot searches (such as Dogpile and WebCrawler) inflate keyword utilization.



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