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Our company's system administrators are charged to proactively maintain, and operate our information systems and computer networks. System administrators duties are wide-ranging, vary from day to day and vary among each of our locations. System administrators are usually charged with evaluating, installing, supporting and maintaining information systems and related computer systems. We've recently shared some SA information with a Spanish CRM site, and will be posting lessons learned here later. Other duties include scripting, tuning, recovery and project management for information systems projects, supervising or training computer operators, and being the consultant for computer problems beyond the knowledge of line one (front line) support staff. A System Administrator must demonstrate a blend of technical skills and responsibility. We also refer to this position as a sysadmin.

In order to take and maintain ownership of information system utilization and long term success, it is critical to appoint a designated System Administrator (SA). Although technical experience is not required, the SA is a more technical resource to the project team and actively involved throughout the implementation project and post production processing. The SA will utilize tools built in to the Aplicor CRM system for all or almost all SA functions. All CRM applications that operate on a relational database management system (RDBMS) require skilled SA's for steady operation.

  • Configuration & Setup:
    • Data importing: Validate cleanliness of data, scrub data and perform imports of accounts, contacts and/or opportunities into the CRM system (e.g. uploading user's data from prior systems (such as ACT)). Reconcile and verify import results.
    • Web site configuration options: Selecting available option for system-wide utilization; such as system logo upload, splash page selection or updating of cascading style sheet (CSS).
    • Portal User Interface (UI) management: Assist management or users with the customization or modification of Menus and menu navigation.
  • Implementation:
    • User and role management: The creation, modification and removal of all user's and roles within the CRM system. Resetting user passwords when necessary.
    • Security administration: Assigning and managing overall system security, user security and account-level security.
    • Field level data list management and UDF configuration: Assist management or Functional Champions with determining or modifying acceptable values from all data list fields throughout the CRM application and assigning or utilizing User-Defined Fields (UDFs) at each page.
    • Document Library configuration.
    • System training: Provide initial training to staff, and new-hires on an ongoing basis, for system usage.
    • Query management: Provide users training to create or modify queries throughout the system (using Query Manager and Query Builder).
  • Management & Administration:
    • Troubleshooting: Provide first level response to user issues or problems. Most issues or problems that are user-oriented will be resolved by SA, all other issues and problems may be escalated to the Aplicor Helpdesk.
    • User view management: Assist user's with creation or modification of individual CRM views.
    • Monitor system usage: Verify utilization and enterprise-wide access (subject to business need and security) and viewing of customer information.
    • Continued user and role Management: Updating memberships and deleting outdated users and roles.
    • Resetting user passwords.


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