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The implementation of your system will be fully supported by dedicated professionals from your vendor. You have an assigned vendor project team, including a project sponsor, project manager and an assigned Account Manager. Our consultants and analysts bring years of experience and objectivity to your project. They are skilled in providing practical solutions to complex business problems within a wide variety of industries. Each consultant is an integral part of a seasoned team. We offer you resources which include in depth industry experience and detailed knowledge of enterprise CRM systems. You can be confident that our consultants possess the background and skills necessary to create solid business solutions with an organized approach.

Our primary goal is to get to a production environment in shortest time frame. This is often called a vanilla implementation approach. There is to be no unplanned customization or modification of the software code until after reaching and processing in a production environment for a stated period of time (generally for at least 60 days – in phase 2 approach).

This implementation will utilize an accelerated implementation methodology to achieve the most rapid and effective implementation possible.

This implementation will include shared resource responsibility and the commitment being made is viewed as a long-term partnership that will continue well beyond the software implementation.

Project Planning

It is impossible to over-emphasize the benefits that can be derived from thoughtful planning and preparation during the implementation of a new system. The effort expended in these early stages will promote the most effective utilization of the software and help attain earliest possible benefits. Without the positive direction provided by an effective plan, the implementation of even the best application software will be more difficult than necessary. We therefore emphasize effective planning as the initial implementation activity. Beginning with the organization of the project team, the developed project plan is reflected in the activities associated with each subsequent step.





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