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Software publisher of subscription-based CRM solutions. This type of solution appeals to organizations who prefer a pay-as-you-go subscription purchase that includes all IT and support staffing instead of the high-dollar capital outlay for a software license and the additional funds required for implementation consulting services and the hiring of additional IT or support resources.

The Aplicor product leverages software as a service to deliver the following benefits:

  • The product acquisition, implementation timeframe, time-to-production and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are all a fraction of the time and cost of comparable applications.
  • Foregoing the initial purchasing of software, hardware and support services in favor of renting their CRM and IT infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis. Hosting clients also forego the recurring cycle of upgrading and replacing hardware and software each year as new computing power makes old hardware obsolete and software requires upgrades to achieve fixes, take advantage of new functionality or continue to receive vendor support.
  • Hosting clients turn otherwise variable costs into predictable monthly payments.
  • Hosting clients forego the need to employ DBA's, system administrators and IT management related to CRM applications. More than just a payroll cost, hosting CRM applications also eliminates the recruiting, hiring, management, continued training and personnel issues associated with additional IT labor resources. Ever increasing and changing technologies make it extremely difficult for a middle market organization to efficiently staff the many professionals required to successfully operate an effective enterprise systems environment.
  • Hosting allows an organization to focus on managing and growing their business and relieves them of day to day IT troubleshooting or distractions. Having IT experts outsource the information systems frees internal management and resources for the company's strategic projects and offloads a function that is constantly changing and difficult to manage.
  • Hosting results in significantly reduced implementation costs. The software is already loaded on high performance hardware and a state-of-the-art data center. With our existing pre-configured and production ready network, hosting clients eliminate application software installation, relational database installation, network operating installation and most hardware environmental issues. Further with our proprietary use of pre-configured implementation templates, we can accelerate the CRM implementations in order to get to a working system faster and cheaper.
  • Hosting provides unlimited growth and scalability. Our hosted solutions can provide on-demand scalability as your company grows, without you having to invest in advance in hardware

The CRM Product

The Aplicor suite is a lightweight Internet architecture. Developed from the ground up for online, browser-based delivery. Entirely developed in the Microsoft .NET (dot net) development framework, using industry standard XML data structures and Web services exposure and integration.

Must use relatively current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), version 5 and higher. AOL users should use IE from their AOL account. There are no plug-ins required. The system will operate over low bandwidth, but DSL or cable modem is the minimum bandwidth recommendations.

Company Focus

Aplicor has a history of placing investment and emphasis on the company's most important assets: customers, staff, professional reputation and intellectual property. Every customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager.

Product Evolvement

What you can expect to see in the product in the future.

Professional Services

Aplicor is able to provide a wide variety of implementation services to address the complete implementation requirements of each client. The services offered address a range of requirements from basic installation, conversion and training; to more comprehensive requirements such as analysis of your business environment and software customization. Through these services we will work to provide timely, cost-effective results so that the customer can begin profiting from its software investment.



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